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SUYO x Andean Explorer

Discover the process behind the bottle you now enjoy onboard the Andean Explorer

Step 1

It all starts in the vineyard. Grapes are handpicked in March during vendimia (harvest) and carried to the distillery for pressing.

SUYO Pisco Harvest.gif
SUYO Pisco Pressing.gif

Step 2

Grapes are macerated for 1-3 days to extract flavors and are then gently pressed to ensure the highest quality grape must.

Step 3

After pressing, the freshly crushed grape juice is transferred to small tanks, where it spontaneously ferments until it becomes a natural wine.

SUYO Pisco Fermentation.gif
SUYO Pisco Distillation.gif

Step 4

The freshly fermented wine is transferred to copper stills, where it is distilled once. Single distillation allows us to highlight the delicate tasting notes of each grape.

Step 5

We rest our pisco in small tanks for a minimum of one year to round up all of the final flavors and capture its finest expression.

SUYO Pisco Resting.gif
SUYO Pisco Bottling.gif

Step 6

Finally, we manually fill, seal and label every bottle to ensure that what you taste at home is what we taste at the distillery.

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