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Single Origin Series

Each bottle contains pisco from one vineyard, one grape type, and one year.

Pisco SUYO Quebranta

SUYO Quebranta

A classic pisco puro made from the Peruvian flagship grape, Quebranta. Harvested by hand at Fundo La Esperanza, a vineyard nestled between the Andes mountains in the Mala Valley.

Vineyard: Fundo La Esperanza
Region: San José del Monte, Mala, Lima
Family: Ponce de León

Tasting Notes: Soft notes of fruit compote and pecans lead to a smooth finish with spicy undertones.

How to Enjoy: Sip it neat or on the rocks, or elevate your favorite cocktail, such as a Chilcano or Capitán. 

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Single Origin Quebranta
Pisco SUYO - Italia

SUYO Italia

This pisco puro is our most aromatic expression and is made from the Italia grape, better known as the Muscat of Alexandria. It was hand harvested at Fundo Puente Viejo on the coast of the Mala Valley.

Vineyard: Fundo Puente Viejo
Region: La Huaca, Mala, Lima
Family: Del Carpio

Tasting Notes: Tropical and citrus notes with hints of white flowers and bergamot orange. Velvety finish with mineral undertones.

How to Enjoy:
Sip it neat or elevate your favorite cocktail, such as a Pisco Punch or Martini. 

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Single Origin Italia

Exploratory Series

Hyper-limited editions of the most unique spirits in Peru.

How to Enjoy

Mix it up with some of our favorite pisco recipes!

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